Josiah Bode

I am a young composer living in the U.S.  My music includes works for saxophones, jazz choir, and concert band, among other ensembles.  I am strongly influenced by early music, especially Renaissance and Baroque, so you will find many reflections of these eras in my music.  Because of this, I have a certain affinity for chamber music whether it's a men's chorus, saxophone quartet, or tuba duet.  Despite my love for old music, I certainly don't shy away from more modern harmonies and techniques, though!  I have written many arrangements in the jazz and barbershop idioms, and I've even done some serialistic writing.

Besides composing, I am also an active performer and a teacher.  Saxophone is my primary instrument, but I also sing and play other woodwinds, keyboards, bass guitar, and hand bells.  I teach piano, saxophone, and clarinet, as well as music theory and composition, at the beginning to intermediate level.  I am also an avid reader and lifelong learner; I listen to a classical radio station regularly, read books on counterpoint and orchestration, and always search for new ways to express myself with music.